Mesure, Correct and Control

your operational performance

Innovation at the service
of integration

  • There are currently more cellular phones on earth than inhabitants;
  • In 2018, 14 million cars will be equipped with a telemetric interface;
  • Connected cars will have a 115-billion-dollar potential by 2020;
  • Cars are the second most important data generators, right after the Internet;
  • 80% of innovations on cars mostly concern electric and electronics components;
  • Connected cars generate 483 billion gigabytes of data each year.


INGTECH is accessible through a web application which allows wireless connexion via a desktop computer, a laptop, tablet or smartphone.


INGTECH solution not only allows the integration of multiple technologies, but also departments, services, processes and users. The interface will gather data from multiple local and external sources of data.


Our data scientists working alongside our products experts share their expertise to optimise acquisition, integration and data interpretation. The AI (artificial intelligence)’s distribution and machine learning will multiply the interface’s analytical capacities.


Everything is faster with INGTECH: data collection, data consolidation, multiple technology and software integration, report production, identifying key performance indicators (KPIs), problem resolution, trend detection, all of which reduce waste of time.

Conforming doesn’t cut it!

Success (productivity, competitiveness and sustainability) of transport industry companies resides in the ability to unify their knowledge, processes, data and operational tools. Technology should increase and ease this integration: Technology at the service of integration.

Companies who invest in their analytical capacities will have a head start over their competitors. Not only will they have a positive outlook on technological evolution, but will also benefit from new regulations making technology integration mandatory.

Conformity is important, but it should never be the determining factor when making decisions. Instead, safety, productivity (performance, effectiveness and efficiency), reliability and conformity should be equally influential when comes the time for decision making.

INGTECH, when conformity is not your only priority.

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